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10 Men’s Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift for my dad, fathers-in-law, brothers and brothers-in-law is always a little challenging for me. These guys don’t ask for much. As a group, they are pretty content. They work hard and if they get an idea for something they want, they figure out a way to get it. When I finally think I’ve got their styles down, they change their whole look. I’m serious! And if I even dared to venture into the world of gadgets, I am sure to pick out the ones they’ll never use.

Well here are ten man holiday gift ideas I have found that almost any guy would like. Quite a few are humorous, maybe because my favorite thing to do for all these hard working men, is lighten them up.

1. T-shirt With a Funny Saying – Look online for a company that specializes in unique shirts or create your own with fabric paints or markers. You can put a joke with the first line on the front of the t-shirt and the punch line on the back OR you can find humorous quotes from one of this man’s favorite authors, politicians or celebrities. One idea is to take a solid colored t-shirt and put a big gold star on it that says, “TV Sheriff” with the words “REMOTE CONTROL” on the pocket. Whatever saying you choose, make him extra happy by getting the right size t-shirt. My husband is a smaller guy who really appreciates a shirt that fits him properly, after receiving many that could fit two of him! Don’t forget that 100% cotton will shrink some the first time it is washed.

2. Rare Indoor Plant – Where I see caring for plants as a chore, many guys I know look at it as an art form. My brother-in-law collects bonsai trees, carefully working them into the shape he plans. He shows us pictures of miniature oaks and maples with the button sized leaves turning gold and red in the fall. My husband enjoys miniature cactus and has kept one growing in a tiny cup of sand since we got married almost ten years ago. Read up on plants that would match with your guy’s lifestyle, decor or interests. Consider a plant from his favorite country or one mentioned in a book or movie he likes.

3. Memory Film – Collect slides, photos or video footage of him as a child on one video or DVD. Put it together yourself using a home editing program, order a package deal from a reputable editing company or hire someone you know to do it for you. Add his favorite music as the background sound.

4. Cure for Memory Loss – If there is an item he is always losing, get him one for every room of the house…and the car, if need be! For instance, guitar picks (that would be for my husband), pairs of scissors, nail clippers, slippers, tools, vitamins, …you get the idea.

6. Night of Laughs – Order him a new or used DVD of his favorite comedian doing a stand up routine. Give him tickets to a local comedy club. Download hilarious clips from the internet, creating your own collection. Whatever you do, make him laugh.

7. Survival Bag – Put together a kit for whatever hobby or activity he likes best. One lady I heard of did this very creatively for all the hunters in her family. She took cotton camouflage fabric and sewed very simple small bags, using jute twine to make a drawstring. At a discount store she found items to fill the bags with such as: utensils, matches, canned meat or jerky, snacks, tooth brush, comb, soap, washcloth, tissues, first aid supplies. Since she bought these items in bulk, the cost was very reasonable per bag. I would add a different sheet of jokes for every guy, printed off the internet, to give them entertainment for the long hours of sitting. She painted each hunter’s name on his bag so they could tell them apart. The guys loved them!

8. Relaxation at Its Best – There isn’t a guy I know who wouldn’t want a really comfortable recliner. You can find sales on new ones all the time or if you really need to save, check out the classified ads in your newspaper or some good local used furniture stores. The ones I like to visit regularly have nice recliners at very discounted prices. Whatever you do, sit in the chair before you buy it. Some are more comfortable than others.

9. Special Delivery – Find a toy truck he would like – dumptruck, low rider, antique pickup – at a toy store or antique store. Fill the bed of the truck with all his favorite goodies such as candy bars, homemade cookies, caramels, etc. If you really want to surprise him, hide a gift certificate underneath all the treats.

10. One Man’s Treasure – What does this guy collect and treasure? Make him a display or collage to put up in his office, garage or room. You may need a shelf to hold things, a board to pin items to, a scrapbook, or a closed cabinet to protect his collection. If you can’t think of anything he collects, it may be that he is like my dad, who treasures his friends more than any of his “stuff”. He would enjoy a framed collage with photos of his hundreds of friends.

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