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10 Valentine Gifts Women Love

Finding the perfect Valentine gift for the woman in your life can be a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve searched the internet to find our top 10 picks for Valentine’s Day. From flowers to jewelry to a romantic weekend at a bed & breakfast, you can simply surf the internet to buy or find all the information you need to make this a perfect Valentine’s Day for the woman you love.

1) Fresh Flowers – Flowers are still the most popular gift at Valentine’s Day. Of course, it is also the most expensive time of the year to buy flowers, particularly roses. Still, flowers remain a classic option and one that is always well received. Try a local florist for guaranteed delivery, or one of the many online retailers if you will be apart this Valentine’s Day.

2) Chocolate – Chocolate is a close second to flowers, and for good reason. Many women crave chocolate, and Godiva ( is the ultimate indulgence. When in doubt, buy a variety chocolate gift pack that will allow her to sample a different treat each time. She’ll enjoy the mystery of what’s inside each tasty treat, and be dreaming about the next one.

3) Perfume – Think of perfume as “flowers in a bottle.” A pleasing smell is a powerful aphrodisiac, and a carefully selected scent will make her feel special. Perfume is also nice because the gift lives on for several months, and she’ll think of you each time she sprays on your wonderful gift. Ask your female friends what scents are popular this year, or sneak a peek in her magazines to see what perfumes are being advertised.

4) Spa/Massage Gift Certificate – For a truly memorable experience, give her a trip to the spa. Woman love to feel pampered and a massage or spa treatment is a Valentine gift that will relax and elevate her mood.

5) Romantic Dinner At Home – If your wife or girlfriend normally does all the cooking, surprise her with a home-cooked meal. If you’re new to the kitchen, don’t try anything too ambitious. Pick some of her favorite foods and find some easy recipes to make. Don’t worry if your meal isn’t perfect, because for this gift the old adage, “it’s the thought that counts,” is definitely true.

6) Jewelry – Women love jewelry, especially when it’s received as a gift on a special occasion. Price is always a factor, but also consider getting something personal (e.g., a dolphin pendant for the ocean lover) or personalized (with your names and date) to make sure this Valentine gift is unforgettable.

7) Teddy Bear ( – Nothing says cute and cuddly like a teddy bear. The teddy bear has changed a lot since you had one as a kid. Now, there are many different styles, varieties, and colors. Find one just right and she’ll thank you for your thoughtfulness.

8) Bouquet Of Heart Shaped Cookies ( – Cookies are always a “sweet” gift, and heart-shaped gourmet cookies make a great Valentine gift. Personalize the cookies with your own special message to let her know how you feel.

9) Chocolate Covered Strawberries ( – Strawberries are the perfect Valentine’s Day fruit – red, heart-shaped and sweet. We already know how women feel about chocolate, so combine the two and you’ve got an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift. Chocolate covered strawberries are normally shipped via overnight air for maximum freshness, so these delectable treats also make a great gift for the procrastinator.

10) Romantic Weekend Get-Away – Nothing rekindles romance like a little time away from it all with your Valentine. For a truly romantic weekend, try a bed-and-breakfast someplace special ( to find a bed & breakfast). Many bed and breakfasts offer Valentine’s Day or romance packages, so it’s best to reserve this date far in advance. If you can’t get away during Valentine’s Day, you can always make the reservation by February 14 and give her a special card telling her about your future romantic escape.

Valentine’s Day gifts can be difficult, but with a little planning and insight in your wife or girlfriend’s preferences, you can find her a memorable gift this year. You could even chose a different Valentine gift from this list and be covered for the next 10 years!

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