Holidays Vivian | 26 Apr 2011 01:39 pm

2 Easy Ways To Make Egg Carton Bats

Halloween is all about spreading the spooky spirit and spending time with the family. Whether children, youngsters or elders; all of us love to decorate our homes for the Halloween with self made craft items. Especially, among kids it instills great sense of pride and achievement.

Like many other crafts, the activity of creating egg carton bats creates a lot of awareness among children. They learn about several valuable tools. They can use these tools i many other places as well, like their school. As they turn an ordinary egg carton in to an interesting decorative bat, they feel a sense of pride and gain confidence that they were able to create something great!

Egg carton bats are among the easiest Halloween decors that people of all ages would love to make. One can be as creative as they wish to be. Imagine showing a home full of bats or bats hanging through the trees in the yard. Well, here are 2 easy means to go about it.

1. Pick out an empty egg carton from the near by stores. They are quite readily available. Check that it must be a clean piece. Now cut out 3 of the cups and keep them attached together. Further, cut out the front of 2 outer cups. These become your bat’s wings.

You might also cutout the back parts of the 2 outer cups as well. Now, paint the bat black. Use white paint to show eyes. You can also opt to glue googly eyes. These are conveniently available in all craft stores. The center cup is the face.

To give your bat a sinister look, paint on the fangs. Further, poke a hole on the top of centre cup. Pass a string through this hole and knot it in the end to affix the string to the hole. Now, go ahead, make loads of these to hang every where and create a spooky home!

2. You can also choose to apply a rubber band string on the egg carton bats. This would be real fun as your bats would then bounce around. Try using a Styro-foam egg carton teamed with waterproof paint. Hang many of these bats on the trees surrounding your house. To add to the spooky flavor of your yard, use glow-in-the-dark googly eyes. You can also use glow-in-the-dark paint. As the name suggests, these would make your bats glow during the scary Halloween night!

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