Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 06 Jun 2011 05:52 am

3 Reasons To Buy Butterfly Swords Instead Of Japanese Swords!

What’s better than a razor sharp sword with a beautiful brass guard and pommel? How about TWO razor sharp swords with beautiful fixtures.

People like you have been in love with Japanese sword sets for a very long time. The Katana and Wakizashi are known as “Daisho” which means large and small in Japanese.

These swords are VERY effective for cutting and slashing but can be quite bulky and inconvenient to carry around.

The Chinese have developed Butterfly swords that are much smaller than the Katana and Wakizashi and also much more portable and convenient.

Although butterfly swords have been around for many years, they are just now starting to grow in popularity.

Here are 3 important advantages that butterfly swords have over the Katana and Wakizashi:

1. Many Japanese swords are “hollow ground” which means that the blade becomes thinner the closer that you get to the edge. This feature is perfect for sharpness and precise cutting, but swords are more commonly used for striking and slashing.

Butterfly swords are usually “flat ground”. This means that the blade thickness is consistent all the way down to the cutting edge. What this means for you is that your butterfly swords will be much less prone to cracking or chipping.

2. When you buy butterfly swords, you will notice that the blades are sharpened half way. This is done on purpose because the bottom half of the blade is supposed to be used for blocking strikes from your opponent.

The unsharpened portion of butterfly swords also makes them less prone to cracking along the edge.

3. The tsuba (hand guard) of Japanese swords is traditionally round and sits right between the handle and the blade.

Butterfly swords have a hand guard that encompasses your entire hand giving you much more protection.

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