One great thing you can have your children make to give to others is Christmas cards. These special cards can then be given to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other friends and family members. Depending on the age of your child you can get more and more complicated for loads of fun.

1.Start with some construction paper.
2.Give them crayons and or markers to draw with.
3.Add some pretty holiday cutouts or stickers.
4.Glitter glue can top it all off with some special fun.
5.If your child is too young to write a message, you should add it for them. If they are old enough to write out a message have them practice and write out a special message to complete the card.
6.Help them to mail the items for even more fun.

Reindeer Ornaments.

You can help your child make reindeer ornaments from their hands and feet prints. These are excellent to do a few years in a row and to keep to show the growth of the child.

1.Start by helping your child trace their hands and one of their feet onto construction paper. The hand prints will become the antlers-the foot print will be the face.
2.Cut out the shapes and glue them to a piece of paper, creating a reindeer face.
3.Allow them to decorate the reindeer with googly eyes, a pom-pom nose, a mouth, and ears.
4.Make sure you write down the date and age on the back.
5.You can add a ribbon and bells if you have them on hand to further personalize your reindeer.

Glitter Window Stickers.

Glitter window stickers are easy to do and can be done in all sorts of shapes. Use inexpensive white glue to make these simple sparklers.

This one will need to be set up. You want to firmly tape a piece of plastic wrap to a piece of cardboard. Make sure it is completely smooth.

1.For younger children use white glue to draw the outline of a star. Allow them to use the glue to fill in the star.
2.Then sprinkle the glue with glitter.
3.Let it dry for 48 hours. Then carefully peel the dried shape from the plastic wrap. The glue shapes will stick to the window and remove easily after the holiday.
4.Older children can make more complicated designs. You can also glue small sections of the sticker, glitter it, and then let it dry to the touch so you can make different colors. This is great for bells and other ornament shapes.

These are just three of the crafts that you and your kids can enjoy at Christmas time. You can make items to decorate your own home, to decorate gifts, or to give away.