Parenting Vivian | 07 Dec 2010 03:13 pm

3 Tips How Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe on the Internet!

Internet is not exactly a safe place for children and that’s why worried parents always look for good methods to keep their kids safe from online threats. Basically there are 3 main dangers online – adult material, websites that distribute hate content like the neo Nazis’ or Satanism websites and of course the online predators who are looking for their next victims!

We’ll start from the adult material. It’s very easy to block the adult websites on your computer by calling the internet provider company. They will be glad to do it for you for a little fee or even for free. You can also block it by yourself – just open the browser and go to the “tools” and then “internet options”. There you’ll find an option to block adultery content, it exists almost in every browser but if your child smart enough he’ll know how to cancel it. You can also download a content filter – it’s a little software that will allow you to prevent your child from browsing these sort of websites online!

Websites that distribute hate or owned by some cults can also be a threat to a na飗e child. Those websites can brainwash a young kid and make him believe in things you never thought he would. The first thing you have to do is to take a good look at the browsing history and find out if there is any reason to worry. If there is, you have first to talk to your kid and explain him how bad that is, second thing is to take a content filter and block those specific websites! The conversation with your child is very important part and don’t even think about skipping it – find out what’s wrong because usually a normal person won’t search for this kind of stuff!

Online predators are pretty much everywhere online, every year there are thousands of children in U.S who are abused by someone they’ve met online. The worst part that this is not a problem with your kid, so it’s very hard to see if something is going on. The first step is to make your child understand that it’s not safe to talk to everyone in chat rooms and ask him to tell you if someone asked him to meet or turn on the webcam. The second step is to install parental control software and monitor your kid’s online activity – it will record all the conversations, messages, emails and much more. I really suggest you to download one right now and install it today!

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