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3 Ways to Have an Exciting Twilight Night

You would have to be living under a rock to not know how incredibly popular the Twilight Saga has become. From an ordinary woman, living her ordinary life came this extraordinary 4 part series that millions of not only girls, but also women, have come to love. It is a series of books that are wholesome enough for our kids to read, but smart and adult enough to captivate us women. With the release of New Moon, coming to DVD in March, it is the perfect time to get all your girlfriends together and have a good old fashion slumber party; no matter how old you get, there is nothing more fun to do with your best girlfriends. Here are a few ideas to make your party extra fun; like watching the movie wasn’t already enough!

If you are of legal drinking age, a fun idea is to find some recipes on line for mixed drinks that are red, and telling your guests that it is Vampire’s Venom or another Twilight like name. You will have a blast making them for all your friends, and they will definitely enjoy drinking them. If you are not of drinking age, and even if you are, be creative with your snacks. Make cookies in the shape of vampire teeth, or make your favorite cream cheese based dip, adding a few drops of red food dye and calling it blood.

Do you know the movie backwards and forwards? If you know every detail about Twilight you should come up with your own Twilight trivia. Go to the store and pick up a set of index cards, the multi colored pack. Most packs have four colors in them, these can be your four categories; you could have one stack be for quotes, one for character questions, one for questions about events that happen, and the last could be the places of Twilight. If you are really crafty, and want to show off a bit for your friends, you could make your own game board. How much fun would you all have playing your homemade game? I dare say TONS! If there is a large group of you, if would be exciting to have a Family Feud style game show, you could be the host and teams could win a cool prize. The options with this are limitless.

No party is complete without Twilight party favors. There are tons of places now where you can find Twilight items like lip balms, key chains, and note pads. All of your guests will love being able to go home with a small gift. And now that New Moon is about to come out, it is the perfect time to plan your party and order New Moon party favors. While planning my own Twilight party I found the coolest favors and decorations. I especially liked the carry out boxes with pictures of Edward, Bella, and Jacob; also I was able to find (and order for myself) votive candles with scenes from the movie! How awesome is that?

I cannot wait to host my New Moon movie, girls only, slumber party this March. I have had a great time planning mine and really hope what I have learned can help you plan your own party! No matter if you and your friends are team Edward or Team Jacob, we are all team Twilight.

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