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5 Best Countries to Retire For Singles – Find the Best Places to Retire in the World For Singles

It’s never too early to plan for your retirement especially now that the value of dollars is volatile. To make the most of your hard-earned money, retirement outside your home country will go a long way. Here are some of the best countries to retire for singles:

Thailand is not only a tourist magnet but also a good place to stay for your retirement. The food is fabulous, the people are laidback and the weather is just right for your muscles and joints. Plus the beaches in Phuket are absolute charmers too.

Ecuador’s main attraction is the low cost of living. If you want to make your money go a long way, this is the place to go. Visit Quito, one of UNESCO’s first world heritage sites, enjoy the airline promos for retirees and the tropical climate. Ecuador makes it easy for you to have a grand time anytime.

Panama is full of adventure so for those who don’t want to totally leave behind what they have back home, this is a perfect place to set your retirement home. Americans will enjoy Panama City’s conveniences. But if it gets too hot, you have an option to head for the cooler mountain places. Just learn Spanish.

New Zealand welcomes retirees for six months at a time. If you want a retirement place that is relaxed, laid back and has the convenience that you’ve gotten used to, then New Zealand will provide you all that and more.

Belize may not ring a bell as a place for retirement but not for long. Its tropical climate is attracting a lot of retirees. Its retired person program gives perks and exemptions too hard to resist. Its beaches are best for your aching bones and muscles. And the official language is English!

Keep in mind that what you are looking for in a best place to retire may not be the same as someone else. Good thing there are sites available that help you make better choices.

Learn more about the best countries to live and spend your retirement. Who knows, you may just find that special someone you’ve been longing for. Best Country To Live

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