Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 04 Sep 2010 10:52 am

5 Questions To Answer Before Buying A Discount Sewing Machine

There is an old and wise saying in marketing: “Everyone loves a bargain, but nobody wants to buy junk”. So, for a woman who loves to sew, is a discount sewing machine a bargain or is it junk?

Sewing machines can range from a low end of $100 or even less, up to multiple thousands – and even more if the buyer is interested in such specialty features as quilting, embroidery or computer programs. Since a machine is definitely an investment, care must be taken to answer this important question because nobody wants to make a mistake with a sizable outlay of money.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Everything depends on the interests and inclinations, as well as the budget, of the buyer. So to arrive at a satisfactory answer to this question, personal questions must be answered, such as:

1. Are you certain that your interest is sewing is long term, or is it only a passing phase? It would be foolish to pay a sizable sum for a sewing machine, only to have your interest fade quickly while you are stuck with an unwanted – and costly – piece of equipment

2. What is the purpose of your discount sewing machine?

When researching the sewing machines of today, we find an exciting array to functions. For instance:

* A quilting machine that will not only stitch quilts with a wide assortment of unusual and beautiful stitches but will even design quilting templates

* An embroidery machine with 60 designs and three alphabets

* One machine even sews leather, which would be perfect for upholstery projects

Clearly, each one of these specialty machines has distinct and separate uses.

3. Will your machine require any additional equipment? If so, what will that equipment include, is it absolutely necessary for your purposes and what is its cost?

4. Is your machine a bargain because it has been used or is deficient in some way. For instance, it’s easy to find a discounted sewing machine on eBay. But many of these are used and the buyer truly has no way of knowing if the machine has been abused and might have very little wear left.

5. Another way to get a bargain machine is by choosing a refurbished one. These are machines that have been returned to the manufacturer for various reasons. Perhaps there was a defect in manufacturing or sometimes a package can be damaged in transit. These factory-repaired machines can actually be a bargain, but it’s imperative to closely read the warranties and know exactly what parts are included with the machine.

If you make a careless choice – meaning buying without a thorough investigation – you might be stuck with a discount sewing machine that you don’t like at all. So don’t be in a hurry and take the time to decide exactly what you are looking for in your new machine.

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