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5 Tips For Creating Memorable Baby Shower Thank Yous

It took some convincing, but I finally agreed to share 4 of my “secret” tips for creating memorable baby shower thank you notes. Enjoy.

Why should you be concerned about making your baby shower thank you notes memorable?

Here’s why.

Think of your baby shower thank yous as an extension of your shower. “Keep the party going!” Savour the moment and the memories. In all likelihood, the shower was baby’s first big party! Your thank yous will get a smile and a double-thumbs-up from your guests, if they are interesting, exciting and personal.

Another why – think of a simple thank you note as a precious chance to connect with your guests and let them know just how important they are to you. In the everyday business of life, we don’t often have this opportunity. Seize the moment.

If you are a creative sort, you’ll want to consider this “why”. Designing special thank you notes will give you a great way to showcase your creative talents! Impress your friends. Designing your own thank you notes.

Not qite convinced of the value of creating memorable thank you notes? Consider this. If you create a special thank you keepsake, you’ll have a perfect page for baby’s scrapbook.

Well, now that we have covered all the “why’s” of having special thank yous, let’s turn to some how’s. I have 4 simple ways you can “author” your very own personal and fantastic baby shower thank you notes. NOTE: I have personally used all 4 ideas for one occasion or another over the years, all with happy results. Here goes-


Fancy Writing Paper With Personalized Background Image On It …..This can be done with or without your computer.

First, select fancy writing paper, standard size (8.5 X 11 sheets), a kind that does not already have a background picture on its main writing surface. You will also want a paper that will feed through a copy machine and your computer’s printer, if you decide to write and print your thank yous on your computer. Usually you can buy packages of fancy and special purpose printer paper from office/ business stores. You can also get by-the-sheet upgraded papers at these same stores.

Next, choose a picture that would make a nice background on your fancy writing paper. Select one from the shower or something that incorporates your shower theme. If baby was at the shower, use her picture as your background! Just note that the picture needs to be faint enough, when copied onto the front of your fancy paper, so you can write or (computer) print over top and still read it. This step may take a bit of “trial and error” to get the image you copy onto the front of your fancy writing paper just right. BUT the “wow’s” you’ll get will be well worth the effort.

There you have it! Lovely, custom-made sheets for your thank you notes, complete with a personalized background picture of baby or something from his shower. Your sheets are ready for you to hand-write a nice thank you letter or to computer-prepare and print. (Remember, your written or printed note goes over top of your background picture). People rarely throw out pics of baby, so this one will find its way into most people’s keepsake albums.


This idea can be done either with a bit of help from your local print shop, or all on your computer, if you have a good copier (preferably colour) and scanner.

Select your favourite 6 to 12 pictures from the shower. Use actual prints, as you will get better results. Cut and paste your pics into an attractive collage, sized to one side of a regular piece of 8.5 X 11 paper. Now make copies of this collage on one side of your paper (at your local copy store or on your computer). Choose an appealing, fancy paper, one that can be folded neatly in half a little later.

If you are doing your notes by hand, fold each collage (collage on the outside) in half across the width of the paper (outside 8.5 X 5.5) and write your note inside. If you are going to do your notes on the computer, compose each one, in turn, and print each one on the blank side of your fancy paper. Your collage will be on the other side.

Note-your collage can be placed horizontal or vertical on your paper, depending on how you plan to print horizontal or vertical inside. BE CREATIVE AND UNIQUE!


Try this one (I use this at Christmas, sometimes, with a picture of my kids). Do a shower version with either baby’s picture on the front or a special picture from the shower (the cake) or a group pic of your guests… you get the idea. There is a vast array of quality and sizes of picture cards, so have fun choosing.


Get really creative! Make thank you bookmarks – baby’s first “modelling”!

If you are a scrapbooker, you’ll probably have lots of ideas and supplies for this one. If you had a special baby shower poem, a bookmark is a great way to share it with everybody. Laminate your bookmarks for a special effect. Who wouldn’t keep and use such a great little thank you?


Buy your thank you notes. Try for something elegant and different. Add a personal touch to your notes by including something like a mini picture collage (4X6 or whatever size will fit in your card) or a c.d. of pics from the shower.

Well, there you have it. 5 special tips for making creative, exciting and personalized baby shower thank you notes that say loud and clear “you matter to me.” Hope my ideas have triggered in you a few of your own. If so, why not share it? You can do this at my Baby Shower Tips blog.

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