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A Black Light Party is Sure to Provide a Glowing Good Time!

A Black Light Party is one of the coolest looking and most fun parties to attend for both tweens and teens alike. This party is guaranteed to light them up!


Start your black light party excitement by using black construction paper to create your invitations and write all of your party info with glow in the dark markers.


For best results, you will want your party room to be pitch black. Therefore, if at all possible, it is best to hold this type of party at night. If need be, cover windows with black butcher paper to keep all hints of light out of the room. Replace all of the lights in the room with black lights; the more, the better. Start out by defining your party area. If you have places in the house that you don’t want your guests to venture into, use black light reactive rope to keep them out of those specific areas.

As guests arrive, escort them into a pitch black room, which is only lit up by black lights and radiates with glow in the dark and fiber-optic items. For a really fun addition, add a fog machine. This will enhance the eerie glow of the room and add to the thrill of it all. Consider using a bubble machine. Fill it with glowing tekno bubble solution, then all it spews out will glow in the dark. It is a perfect add-on to a black light party.

Cover your tables with tablecloths that have glow in the dark designs. Use glow in the dark cups, plates, cutlery, stir sticks, straws, lighted ice cubes, light up bowls, coasters, etc. Decorate room with white streamers, balloons, curling ribbon, and confetti so they all glow when the black lights are on.

Hang disco balls or strobe lights for added pizazz! Create table centerpieces using fiber-optic lights, white shred, confetti, curling ribbons, and balloons. Decorate other parts of the room with glow orbs and glowing balloon lights. Be sure your guests wear as much white as possible, along with neon accents. For example, lime green shoelaces or a pink fluorescent hat. As guests arrive, adorn them with glow in the dark leis, necklaces, bracelets, hats, etc. Be sure to have plenty of glow sticks on hand for added fun!

Hope these ideas help to get your creative juices flowing! Pick and choose, and add to the above, and your black light party will surely be a glowing good time!

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