Gardening Vivian | 31 Aug 2010 12:13 am

A Compost Tumbler is a Great Gift For a Gardener

Many gardeners love gift giving time as they get things that they normally either cannot afford or that they cannot justify spending money on. A great gift idea is a compost tumbler.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the soilsaver compost bin, and this is what many use to make compost, for a really fast way then a rotating composter wins hands down.

Most gardeners will probably have heard of them but are unsure just how good they really are. Here are a few reasons why they are incredibly efficient at what they do. They can make compost in a matter of a few weeks. They do this because each time we add organic matter they are rotated. This evens out the heat making sure that all the contents turn in to a great crumbly mix at about the same time.

We are also chopping up the contents at the same time. The smaller it gets the quicker the material breaks down. This really does mean that much of what is added will turn in to a lovely friable mix in just a few short weeks. We are saving much physical labor with these machines and at the low prices that they are available for then they really area great gift idea for a gardener. Anyone who gets one will be extremely thankful and they will certainly find many hard chores an awful lot easier.

With no smell they keep the air a lot fresher. We also have the major advantage with a sealed unit that vermin are kept away. We will have no Cats or Dogs ripping apart eh heap like often happens and all this adds to the fact that we make a great mix in record time. They really do have to be seen to be believed, they are that good.

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