Gardening Vivian | 31 Aug 2010 11:00 am

A Florist’s View – How to Keep Roses Fresh Easily

Are you wondering how to keep roses fresh? Have you tried all the regular methods and failed in keeping them fresh beyond a couple of days? If yes, then perhaps you need to look at some different types of tricks and tips on how to keep roses fresh. The tips mentioned here are easy to follow and also are very logical, so that you even understand how your roses are staying fresh for a longer time.

  • Ask anyone how to keep roses fresh and they will surely tell you that you have to put the roses in a very clean container. Sometimes putting the roses in even a clean vase cannot prevent it from going bad. This happens because sometimes the vase is not actually cleaned properly. Even after you clean it, some residue remains, which causes the water to get infested with bacteria. So make sure you have a clean vase without any sort of residue or dirt in it if you want to keep them fresh for a longer time.
  • Another tip to note is to soak them in lukewarm water first and then refrigerate them for about a couple of hours before you put them on display. Soaking them in lukewarm water will help them absorb better and so will keep the flowers moisturized. Refrigerating the flowers would help them remain fresh as the cool temperature helps preserve freshness.
  • A very important tip is to keep changing the water in which the roses are kept. It is important that you keep the water fresh. Old water can get smelly and insect invested which will definitely not allow the roses to remain fresh.
  • Finally, remember to keep the flowers in a cool place. The hotter the temperature, the lesser the time the roses will time fresh. If you want to know how to keep roses fresh, you must know that roses should be stored in a place that is moderately cool.

Follow these simple steps on how to keep roses fresh and you will have roses that remain fresh for weeks. We all love our roses and hate it when they whither away in a couple of days. If you too have faced the similar problem, stick to these easy how to keep roses fresh tips and you will surely manage to preserve those beautiful roses for a long time.

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