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A Guide to Growing Palm Trees

Palm trees are popular in gardens all over the world. Some species are considered fast growing. These grow faster than many other species. In fast growing trees, the trunk quickly becomes tall. This may be important if you want a tall line of trees around your property in a shorter amount of time.

The climate affects the growth of most types of trees. Some need continually warm weather. This equates to faster growth in some species. Others grow well in slightly cooler areas, and can even with stand frost. It抯 important to find out the requirements when choosing the best plants for your garden.

Types of Palm Trees

The King Palm is a quick growing tree. They are a good choice if you want a canopy of trees. This palm likes rich soil with ample nutrients and needs plenty of water. They can grow twenty five feet in ten years, with good care. The maximum height they reach is about forty feet. They grow faster in full sun.

Queen Palms are the most common species of tree. These grow about twenty five feet in seven to ten years. They can reach heights of up to sixty feet at maturity. Queen palms need good soil and lots of water. They are hardy in colder weather.

Majesty Palms are fast growing palm trees. They grow about ten feet in ten years. They often reach thirty five feet within twenty years. This species needs plenty of water and soil that is rich in magnesium. They do well in sun for part of the day. Majesties don抰 do well too near the ocean. There is too much salt in the air.

Royal Palms are moderately fast growing. They will grow twenty feet in ten years with good care. This species needs soil rich in nutrients, water and plenty of sun. They grow a fat trunk base and then grow tall. This species does not do well in temperatures below twenty six degrees Fahrenheit.

Fishtail Palms are a common and fast growing species. They reach thirty feet tall in about seven years. At maturity, they can reach over sixty feet tall. The trunk diameter of this species is about twenty four inches. Fishtails need rich soil and plenty of water.

King Kong or Black Trunk Palms are fast growing trees. They get wide before they get tall. They can reach up to eighty feet tall and grow large, horizontal leaves. This is one of the wider species in terms of trunk diameter.

Growing Palm Trees

Consider the needs of the species before you plant it. The temperature range needed varies by species. Some do better in consistently warm climates. Others do well in slightly cooler areas. A few can survive frost, while others will die. Make sure the species you choose is hardy in the climate where you live.

Ask about the day length of each species. This need varies by species, so ask at the nursery. The tree will need enough to promote growth and prepare for changes with the seasons. Some need a lot of sun, while others do better in partial sun. The heat needs vary according to species as well. Find out the heat and sun tolerances of the species when shopping for trees.

How much water does the species need? Some need a lot more water than others. If you choose a species with a high water requirement, make sure you can meet those needs. If you don抰 get much rain, you will need to be sure to water it frequently.

The pH range needed varies by species as well. Find out the proper pH for your species to take up water and nutrients. You may be able to add nutrients to balance this range as needed. The nursery will be able to help you with this.

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