Parties Vivian | 30 Aug 2010 05:52 am

A Guide to Preparing Invitations

Preparing graduation invitations should not be a difficult project. Just follow a few easy rules to assist you through the project. There are certain formalities and rules that should be followed for graduation invitations. Always give your guest sufficient notice so they are sure to attend the graduation. Send out your graduation invitations at least 6 weeks in advance of the graduation. If the graduation invitations are for a more casual party then about four weeks should be more than enough notice. If the graduation invitations are for a themed party try to give even more notice to your guests so that they can prepare for the theme.

When it comes to birthday invitations the wording is a bit more loose. The birthday invitations can be whimsical, witty or more serious and formal. Always keep in mind who the birthday party is for. Take into consideration the age, interests, personality and if old enough the profession of the birthday person. Birthday invitations need to reflect the person who the birthday party is for.

If the person is under say 18 years old, you may want to consider making birthday invitations for the exact age of that person so the wording should be age appropriate. Be careful with jokes about a person’s age that can be a very sensitive subject. When sending birthday invitations you should think about the guests attending and how formal or informal the birthday party will be. If the birthday party is a formal dinner, say for a co-worker you may not want to be as light hearted as you would for a relative. Depending of course on how well you know the co-worker. Do not make jokes about ages unless you know for sure that person would make the same joke themselves.

People love invitations for the holidays. It is a time of togetherness that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Holiday invitations are commonly used for Christmas party invitations, Halloween party invitations and even Mardi Gras invitations. There are always invitations that can be used from Autumn to Winter. Photo invitations are great to use not only as greeting cards but can also make great gift ideas. If you have friends and relatives out of state or overseas nothing makes them feel closer to you than receiving invitations of your family photo or even a talking Christmas card with your voice and voices of your family.

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