Parenting Vivian | 03 Nov 2010 08:13 pm

A Look at Kids Hobbies

Online gaming and technological advancement in recreation has totally grabbed the attention of most kids. There are lots of questions that remain mind boggling for many parents like the aftermath of exposing their children to the world like this.

This can disturb you every time you think of your child playing in front of the computer. Most kids find it very entertaining to play on the web, it has become a habit already, which makes their day incomplete without playing on it. On the other hand, by means of this they can meet friends and find new peers through the net by chatting. But we should always think that our kids must also be involved in real activities to enhance their abilities in different fields. True to say, parents nowadays really find it very hard to convince their children especially when they are already in front of the PCs screen.

Kids, when asked about their feelings, they answer it with a smile, which means they are happy whenever they are with other children in the same age. One way from keeping your child from the usual online gaming is by listening to them about the things they like most. Just for instance, a classmate of your child calls, inviting your son or your daughter to come for an ice cream party or a costume party, an understanding parent must learn how to let their children do the things a child needs that would help them develop their potentials in socializing with others. So when they find it fun, this will be another habit that your child will take on, keeping him or her away from the PC. With this, it will contribute a great part on your child growth.

In order to enhance the capabilities of your child, you must let them engage with other fields, not just only in sport, but as well in other arts like paintings, singing, dancing and other related things that will create an effective way of making themselves confident in dealing with different things that they will have to do later.

Relationships might not work out effectively and may lead to misunderstanding. Sometimes it all ends in nothing. But engaging in friendly relationship in the real world, where they can exchange their own points of views and feelings, sharing every moment of laughter and tears is a good way of developing the camaraderie between them. Real friends are true in nature in the real world. Unlike online, they sometimes tell a lie just to please others.

There are lots of things to do in their spare time. Hobbies will help create something that will change highlight your child’s innate talents. Letting them be creative and resourceful is also a way to make them busy thinking how to produce things out of their own imaginations. They can work at this along with their friends.

Let them choose whatever they like, do not force them to do activities that you know they don’t want to, and lastly let them learn by your example.

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