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A Sit and Stand Stroller – Do You Actually Need One?

Why do parents buy a sit and stand stroller? How do they work? Where can you buy a sit and stand stroller online?

We’ll try to answer these questions now.

Parents of two children who are two years or more different in their ages, and one of whom is a baby, know the following problem well. When you go out you have the baby, who is fairly passive and who is easy to take around in a stroller, but also a two or three-year old, who is much more active, and who doesn’t like being strapped into a seat for very long – he or she just gets frustrated and difficult to handle.

The solution is a stroller which allows both children to be carried, either as a double stroller (with an infant car seat) or as a baby seat plus a standing board for the older child. The best sit and stand strollers allow the standing platform to convert to a normal seat. Safety is provided by way of seat belts and safety straps.

Such sit and stand strollers are usually suitable for children up to 45 pounds in weight, so are useful for a long period. They are also normally easily folded up to put in the car.

So what do parents of two children who use such strollers think of them?

Often, they have already tried ordinary double strollers, and have given up on them because they are too wide to easily manage in the street or in crowds, or to use in stores with small aisles, and difficult to get through some doorways. On the other hand, they find that the sit and stand strollers, being narrower and less bulky, are much easier to handle and easier to control.

The other main benefit which Moms usually mention about a sit n stand stroller – and let’s be realistic, it is usually Moms who use strollers – is that it makes it easier to keep the older child happy. They can sit in the stroller, stand in it, or walk beside it if they can and if they want to. Managing the child in public becomes a bit less stressful.

To have a look at the styles and models of sit and stand strollers which are available, go to my sit and stand strollers page.

Sal Malleny is a parent who finds the Internet is the best tool ever created to investigate everything before she purchases it.

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