Gardening Vivian | 30 Aug 2010 06:13 pm

Abatement With DDT Concept Needs Second Look

As you are probably aware DDT was banned in many countries. But DDT kills mosquitoes and in places like Africa where the death rate of children is 5 to one perhaps a little DDT in the water is not such a bad idea as it keeps the mosquito population down and keeps them from spreading things like malaria, yellow fever and other blood-borne diseases. There are many diseases and viruses that use mosquitoes as their vector to spread.

In Asia malaria is also a serious issue and the mosquitoes are quite prevalent there and therefore spread it fast. Many people were down on DDT for a number of years and yet studies and research shows that a little DDT could go a long way in preventing deaths. It therefore stands to reason that abatement with DDT is a concept, which needs a second look and a better evaluation.

Perhaps the lesser of two evils does make sense in this case and since there are no other viable alternatives at the presence it would seem that fewer deaths of children under the ages of 8 would be a worthy goal. Too much use of DDT we know is very bad for the environment and organic life. But small traces of DDT, might save lives and that means it would be a good thing. Too often we let environmental fiction trump scientific fact and this is just one more of those instances in my opinion. Consider this in 2006.

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