Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 22 Jun 2011 09:13 am

Action Figures and Figurines

There are two types of figures in the market namely figurines and action figures. Figurines are usually tiny, sculpted and colored to represent a movie character or superheroes icon that does not have any moving part on the body. The very small size is ranging in between 6mm to a larger 152mm. Figurines larger than that would be categorized as a statue. Figurines are often being mould on a base such as the famous plastic green army to assist them with a firm stand.

Action figures are a small size character made of plastic redesigned to represent many famous characters from movies and cartoons. These figures come in many different styles and poses for collector’s view before it was sold successfully to a buyer. All action figures must have a body part that moves especially on the head and arms to be able to strike a different pose together with the accessories that comes together with certain models such as the backpacks or weapons. Some action figures are built together with its costumes and accessories or otherwise the external clothing such as cape or robe will come separately.

Action figures collection are amazingly fun and a rewarding hobby that could make a man feel like a young boy again. It is like a celebration of love for your favourite TV show, movie or comic books. It can even turn into a financial investment as the value of these figures increased tremendously on the collectible market. Many people collect action figures with a purpose. Perhaps they are searching for a character that reminds them of their childhood memories. This purpose can be an expensive one but finding the one that you yearn most is greatly satisfying. Or maybe some people simply adore the craftsmanship on these figures that they only collects figures with exceptional sculpts design. This purpose could add up to a very beautiful collection each time a new figure comes in.

Many have been wondering where they should start to look for these collections for the latest design and the best deal. Online research on action figures websites and forums are the best initial start in getting more details. There are also many great places that sell these figures such as toy sections of local stores, websites that specialize in only figures, flea markets and garage sales. Some sellers might be selling off their unwanted old figures but you will never know if that is a vintage figure that you have been looking for.

Once you have your collections in place, it is important to plan on how to display all your figures for your viewing pleasures. Furniture stores would be the best place to get a beautiful cabinet or shelves with glass doors to display action figures in a specific location at home or even work place while it also keeps the figures from falling all over the place. Otherwise, consider using a bookshelf will work just perfectly.

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