Parties Vivian | 01 Aug 2010 05:13 am

Additional Items You Can Hire When Hiring a Marquee For Your Special Occasion

Most marquee hire companies can offer you a wide range of accessories and necessities from coat rails, hat stands, toilets, stage units, flag poles, generators, flood lights, outside lighting, walkways, awnings, heaters, ceiling fans, air conditioning, parasols and high quality PA systems.

Some additional items that you can hire include:

Luxury Trailer Toilet Units - If you are having a large event with people hanging around all day, it is usually a good idea to provide toilets and toilet units for your big occasion. If you are going to be entertaining guests for sometime then you will need to make sure they are comfortable, and providing toilet and washing facilities will help make sure you allow your guests to enjoy their day.

Lighting - Most marquee hire companies offer a wide choice of lighting facilities for your marquee. You can choose from chandeliers, up-lighters (that can be fitted with coloured filters) with dimmer control as standard. You can also pick from Led colour changing up-lighters with programmable chase and fade mode and can be dmx linked.
Outside lights are also available to illuminate walkways, trees, houses, ponds and driveways.

Linings - Making your marquee stand out to impress your friends, family or colleagues is always a nice extra to your day, and you can achieve this with a stunning lining. Fibre LED StarLight lining is also available to cover the dance floor or the a special area of your marquee to bring special night sky effect into you marquee and give your special occasion that extra little sparkle.

Dance floor – To celebrate the bride and groom tying the knot or to simply have one last party at your corporate event, you must have a dance floor to really make things go with a bang. You can choose from Parquet interlocking dance floor or Black and white dance both with aluminum non-slip edging.

Flooring - Whether you are looking for a wooden floor, lavish carpeted flooring or a Coconut matting (fancy stripe or natural) laid on waterproof ground sheet, you should make sure that your flooring for the marquee is suitable for the occasion you are hosting. If you are hosting a wedding you will require something a little bit special, but a festival in a muddy field would probably require something a little more on the sturdy side!

Whatever your requirements many marquee hire companies will be pleased to help you or give advices in a free way, so you should never hesitate in asking your marquee hire or event hire company to provide information and quotes for those little extras that can make all the difference.

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