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Adult Halloween Costumes: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

With the prospect of Halloween parties getting closer, there’s renewed interest in finding fresh and exciting ideas for adult Halloween costumes to celebrate the scary season. And because adults enjoy Halloween traditions just as much as children, each year brings out more wild and wacky designs for fantastic outfits to scare the socks off your fellow party-goers.

Some Halloween traditions never go out of style, so expect a full cast of ghouls and gremlins to haunt the scene, with creatively creepy make-up and effects to make a nicely terrifying impression. Male and female vampires add a suitably Gothic touch to the night time setting, with contrasting black, white and red colors that look especially dramatic when worn with hair-raising make-up. Whether your look is gory or glamorous, you can use your imagination to give your monster’s costume an individual twist to make your outfit unique.

But these days there’s much more to Halloween costumes than just a spooky style. So if phantoms aren’t your bag, why not go for something slinky instead? There’s a whole range of sexy Halloween costume ideas that give a seductive spin to traditional characters. Cats, bunnies and sexy fairytale costumes are amusing alternatives to the macabre effect, and uniforms of all kinds give Halloween revelers the opportunity to cut a delectable dash.

Every year brings different popular character costumes, and one of the hottest Halloween looks this season is the pirate. The ‘romantic rogue’ is an evergreen Halloween favorite and the movies have brought swashbuckling back in style. Whether it’s a sea captain, a buccaneer or a pirate king, you can customize your get-up with accessories from your wardrobe or costume store. Boots, braids and mustache help to complete the look with the aid of a hat or bandana.

If you’re renting or buying your Halloween costume, don’t leave it too late to make your reservation or purchase. The last few days of October see an avalanche of shoppers all looking for the perfect outfit — so get ahead of the rush to have the best chance of finding your ideal party gear.

Are you looking for a choice of great adult Halloween costumes to make your party go with a swing? Do you need inspiration for unique costume idea?

It’s time to make a start on all your Halloween planning:

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