Babies-Toddler Vivian | 05 Apr 2011 01:26 am

All You Need to Know About Baby Food

Baby feeding is not easy. You may have seen funny videos and clips from movies where babies reject and play around with their baby food. You have to take care of few things before you start preparing the food at home. Hygiene is very important while preparing baby food.

You usually start a baby on solids at around six to 8 months. Before preparing your baby food make sure your hand are clean and there is no dirt underneath your nails. Always use clean and well washed ingredients for making the food. The water should be clean and filtered, preferably boil the water you use for the babies. Choose the baby dishes wisely. Choose Tupperware and food grade plastic dishes. All the dishes and utensils should be kept separate from your everyday utensils. They should be washed thoroughly with soap and a disinfectant as well. Dry the dishes well with a clean cloth and don’t let them remain wet for too long.

This food has to be cooked at home and their food it different from ours. No take out or ordering in for the baby! Never take the easy way out and use ready made juice from the market. They have preservatives that are unsafe for a baby, learn how to make them at home from scratch. If you are feeding your baby any chicken, meat or fish, wash the knives used to dice them to negate extra contamination. Baby feeding means small quantities and even smaller morsels! Don’t freeze baby food for over a day.

Invest in a good feeding chair and bibs; it makes feeding easier and faster. After the baby is done eating make sure to wipe his table and mats thoroughly. Disinfect it completely and always keep the area clean. You can heat baby food in the microwave but remember to mix the food well before serving to avoid any hot morsels. Carry your baby food and water every time your baby is on his day out. Always taste the baby food before feeding your child to check the temperature and to make sure it isn’t spoilt.

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