Holidays Vivian | 12 Jun 2011 03:00 pm

Amaze Your Neighbors With Beautiful Mini Lighted Outdoor Christmas Trees

You’ve always had one of those great looking trees standing beautifully in the center of your living room. How about doing something special this year? Spread the holiday cheer your own little way by setting up mini lighted outdoor Christmas trees where people can appreciate them most.

Several decorated trees delicately topped with snow lined up in your walkway look beautiful in the day. As dusk sets in and you light up these little firs, I guarantee you wide-eyed children and admiring adults stopping by to check out your decked out lawn.

You can either purchase small live trees or the artificial ones, depending on your preference. It might be a little harder to purchase live trees of the same size but you can browse through the selections of several Christmas tree shops to see. Drape them in mini worm lights and twist bright tinsel garlands that reflect the light around the tree’s limbs. If you are one to take risks, spray paint them with glow in the dark paint and be the house that people landmark for directions.

Artificial trees might prove to be more economical for you in the long run as you can get to use it for several more holidays. Decide on what motif and purchase the twinkle lights that complement it. You can buy almost every shade, shape and flashing pattern with songs. I recommend you get the shorter strands of lights and twist them prettily around the boughs, making the spacing as evenly as possible. Put on miniature accessories like bells and balls and secure it discretely with tape or glue.

Remember to take the necessary precautions for lighted outdoor decorations. For the trees, tie them with ropes (cover the rope with strategically styled ornaments like taped on boxes wrapped as gifts) and stake them through the ground firmly. You don’t want a gust of wind bring your lovely yuletide tokens all over the street. Also, as much as you are able, do not use breakable accessories in adorning your outdoor displays.

Before you even go out and buy the trees in Christmas tree shops, survey your yard on where you will place them. Is there a power outlet near enough to plug in the lights? And when you do have them plugged in, ensure that they do not get stepped on especially at night when it can get really dark. Keep them well protected or have a sign to warn people to watch their step lest they trip over or accidentally crush them.

There are also pre-lighted trees that you should consider getting. The advantage is won’t be any cords dangerously lying around your yard. A lot of these trees are attractive– and because they are battery and timer controlled, you don’t have to get out of your cozy homes to turn off the lights at night. You can view these mini lighted outdoor Christmas trees in several specialty websites and order them online.

Once you had a living room full of appreciative family members-now the Christmas spirit you’ve always shared will be experienced by a much wider group of people. Be prepared-you never know whose life you may have just brightened because he crossed your twinkly and joyful path. Happy holidays!

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