Babies-Toddler Vivian | 25 Oct 2010 10:39 pm

An Introduction to Formula Feeding

The decision of traversing from breast feed to formula feed can irk a mother’s mind, while both forms have their own plus and minus points, the decision is entirely a matter of personal choice. Some mothers make this transition when they go back to work or their medical condition does not permit them to feed their baby, while others because the baby is not getting enough quantity of breast milk to keep him satisfied and supplement his growth.

Commercially prepared formula milk attempts to imitate mothers milk by using a complex amalgamation of proteins, vitamins, sugars and fats, while the outcome doesn’t emulate a mothers milk completely, it is the next best thing to it. These formulas at times also contain certain nutrients that breast fed babies have to get from external supplements. Another advantage is that it makes the new mothers life convenient and flexible and allows the other parent or care-giver to bond with the child during the vital feeding time.
Once your baby is introduced to formula milk you will notice that he stays fuller for a longer as this type of milk is not assimilated as easily as the breast milk. Also his bowl movements will be firmer and less frequent.

The biggest disadvantage of formula milk is that it has none of the antibodies present in the mother’s milk; these characteristic immune factors boost the baby’s natural resistance to infections and illness. The other negatives include possibility of constipation, and exposure to germs if the feeding and storage containers are not sterilized properly and its expense. Another very important point is that the baby might refuse breast milk completely once he gets used to the bottle as he might prefer the bottle’s fast delivery system.

Whatever option you choose its important to take into consideration that some breast milk is better than none at all, hence a you should try to give at least 2 feeds a day so that your baby is packed with the all the antibodies that you can provide him with.

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