Gardening Vivian | 02 May 2011 01:52 pm

An Introduction to Growing Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are tangy and pulpy fruits. Potato, eggplants, tomatoes and peppers belong to the same family. Tomato leaves are commonly known as poisonous but fruit is full of multi nutrients. Its leaves are sticky and hairy. Tomato plants have little yellow flowers. Tomato fruit comes in pear and round shapes. Its color turns from green to red. Tomatoes need full sun exposure. Normally tomato grows up to three feet tall. However you can not generalize all types of tomatoes.

There is a difference in their growing seasons and depending upon the harvest. Generally it takes about fifty five to seventy days song season. It takes about four to six weeks after plantation that plant start growing. Here are some of the suggested varieties Pixie, Patio, Tiny Tim, Small Fry, yellow and red pear. Tomatoes are most flavorful when they are fully grown on the trailing plant. Many tomato varieties developed in home gardens are thin skinned and can be easily bruised if handled roughly. Always store tomatoes at room temperature. Tomatoes like to be in a rich and well-draining soil. Slightly acid soil pH of about 6.0 – 6.5 is almost perfect for growing tomatoes.

Tomatoes need several months to fully ripen and they are not at all frost resistant. Often tomatoes are grown indoors in containers and planters. However you can also but top quality seeds from the local nurseries in the spring. Carefully examine before buying seedlings, look for thick stem with green leaves. It’s suggested to put them in the greenhouse, suitable temperature is in 50s F.Tomatoes are usually planted deeper then normal. They are planted all the way to the top of leaves. It is better to make them in vines support. The plant does take up space and attacked with many insects.

You can get rid of this problem of insects by planting them in planters and baskets. Likewise it is better to stake them. The watering is very significant in the tomato growing season. Tomato blossoms will drop if enough water is not supplied. Similarly excess of watering of can cause cracking. Pruning is an excellent idea as the undefined tomato plants send out for suckers. It recommended thinning out the plant as it makes it easier to maintain. It is best to start with the rich soil. Use of fertilizer and compost is required if the soil is on the poor side.

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