Holidays Vivian | 05 Jan 2011 06:39 am

Appropriate Gifts for Children

We often see suggested ages when we shop for gifts for children, but I’m very suspect about the accuracy of those. A child who is smarter than other children their age will bore quickly with toys meant for his or her age group. Another example would be for a child who is perhaps a little slower than his or her peers may find that they become frustrated with a gift that they’re not quite prepared for. Consider the child抯 mental and emotional levels when purchasing gifts for children.

Some toys are universal and that they are appropriate for all ages. These can make excellent gifts for children and that he will not have to worry about the levels of skill or knowledge required. The Leapfrog reading system masters this concept. By purchasing books of differing levels, the Leapfrog reading system has a wide range of appeal across a large span of ages. My daughter抯 Leapfrog is four years old now and she still loves it. Any list of potential gifts for children should include an item similar to the Leapfrog reading system.

It seems as if video games have replaced the board games of years ago but they still can be a great source of fun and a wonderful way for the family to spend time together. While shopping for gifts for children, you should look at favorite games from your childhood. Many of these games have universal appeal that seem to the ageless. My children love Life, Monopoly, and Payday. They learn money counting while I enjoy sharing games from my own childhood. I really do suggest that you take a good look at the four teams available because they can make for really fun gifts for children.

A lot of kids love books but they must be tailored to their interests. For example, boys seem to gravitate to the slightly crude Captain Underpants series, while girls adore Junie B. Jones. Add books to your list of gifts for children and watch a boy or girl抯 eyes light up when he or she receives the thoughtful gift. Many of these books will be kept for years and years and looked at by the children as old friends. You can even purchase picture books for the youngest recipients on your gift list. They absolutely love flipping through a book it makes them feel as accomplished as their older brother or sister who can read. Kids love to play grown up, even if grown ups to them are their big brothers and sisters.

Movies make wonderful gifts for children. With the advent of the VCRs and DVD players, movies are now incredibly affordable and extremely entertaining. Harry Potter videos are all the rage for the slightly older crowd. I know many adults that love following the adventures and of the young wizard and his friends. Pixar films appeal to both children and adults. Many television shows from past decades are again becoming popular. Most children love watching Pee-Wee抯 Playhouse, and I admit seeing Lawrence Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis makes me laugh. Pee-Wee抯 Playhouse is the most requested quiet-time video from my collection. He’s a weird guy, but there’s no denying the entertainment value.

Girls of all ages seem to love American Girl dolls and Build-A-Bear dolls. And there is no end to the assortment that the manufacturers offer. They are extremely clever in this regard. The girl can choose an age appropriate doll and then choose what the doll or bear will wear. My daughter and her friends all love showing off their own artistically dressed creations. These items can make wonderful gifts for children.

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