Babies-Toddler Vivian | 31 Jan 2011 12:26 pm

Are You Going A Little Potty with Potty Training?

Baby Advice on potty training what a subject to be discussing across the internet eh! It just goes to show how times have changed and there are not too many taboos left that we can’t discuss, thank goodness!

However potty training is still a strange subject to covering for most people; that is unless its your little bundle of pleasure seated on their little 憈hrone?looking as just as cute as a button. Then it is a different matter all together. Then I抣l take all the baby advice I can get

Well it can be a stressful time but it shouldn抰 be really now should it? Actually nature intended that the whole process was supposed to be a pleasurable experience so why does it become so difficult?

One thing we need to realize in the first place is that no two children act the same way about anything. They all seem to be different because each person is unique; they are unique both biologically and emotionally and in every other possible way so don抰 expect that because you haven抰 had any trouble with one of your little ones that you won抰 have trouble with the other. Now that抯 a good piece of baby advice.

It is not unusual for progress to be made in this important area then only to find your little precious has 憇lipped back?or regressed as it is sometimes called.

I think one of the key reasons that the young ones can have difficulties in this area is because of our expectations! How we feel they should perform. Then of course we tend to transmit our feelings and anxieties to the youngsters and next thing you know they have picked up the vibes and are starting to feel stressful about the whole process. The whole natural process starts to break down at this point and when you want them to perform they can抰.

So for a start don抰 pressure them. Give them plenty of breathing space and don抰 stand over them watching. Would you be able to go if someone was watching you? No of course not so give them at least a bit of privacy. Treat the whole process like it is supposed to be; the most natural thing in the world. Now there is another excellent piece of baby advice.

Check for the obvious of course, talk to your child to see whether or not there is genuine worry about something and make sure that you are not feeding them the kind of food that just binds them up. When we encourage them we are respecting them and helping them to understand that they are liked for who they are not for just what they do.

Our children varied quite a bit but we were just cool about the whole thing and we found it all fell neatly into place. I抦 sure it will do for you too and that抯 our final piece of baby advice!

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