Gardening Vivian | 27 Mar 2011 01:13 pm

Are You Interested in Laying Turf in Your Lush Green Lawn?

The process of “laying turf” can be carried out throughout the year i.e. it can be carried out when the scorching heat takes away our sleep or even when the winter blues restricts us from stepping out from the bed! Conversely, sowing seed lawns can be successfully carried out during autumn and spring.

Laying turfs on damaged, weedy or barren areas of your lawn is an ideal approach! Using street lawns in winter is one of the primary causes that lead to soil damage. Wait…wait…the above mentioned reason behind soil damage must have really disappointed you and you may be thinking of giving up your idea of growing a lawn…But why? I said I am there to help you out.

Let’s begin with the process of repairing the lawn. For this you need to take out the threadbare turf, followed by soil preparation. Ensure adding a bit of fertilizer while preparing the soil. You may also purchase one or more sod roll (visit any reputed garden center for this purpose!). In addition to these, laying turf is certainly a better option in case of soil erosion. The strong root mat of the turf plays a major role in withstanding water runoff (that too before your lawn has been completely established; sounds interesting! I guess you too have the same opinion!

Some of us may even be interested in growing a new lawn and then supplying it to others…but are these individuals really aware of the ways that will help them in doing so? Ok…fine, I am here to help them as well! The steps mentioned below are specifically meant for those persons who wish to grow a new lawn so that they can sell it to others. Come let us have a look at these steps-

?Ensure rotting the top layer of soil to a depth of two or three inches.
?The above mentioned job can be made much simpler by using rent tillers.
?Now, water well the soil and ensure adding a phosphorous rich fertilizer to it.
?On the D’ day (well don’t get confused, here by D’ day, I mean the Delivery Day!), ensure making the soil damp and moist. However, see to it that it doesn’t turn muddy.
?The rolled Turf should be laid down within 24 hours after being cut at the farm, since it will begin to heat up which will lead it to biodegrade.
?Examine the turf thoroughly; shake it in order to ensure that it does not fall apart.
?Ensure checking whether the soil has moistened or not. Additionally, you need to also check whether the turf has a green appearance or not.

So you have finally purchased a new lawn; now what do you need to do in order to establish it in the right way? Start with laying the turf along with the straight surface (be sure that it’s the longest!) next to a driveway or sidewalk. While preparing the ground, ensure leaving the soil level ? 1 inch below the straight line level. Adhering to this approach will help you in getting hold of a smooth pavement.

Ensure laying a single line of turf and use thick boards for tamping it down. You may apply pressure on the thick boards’ in order to keep the turf firmly in place. Push the edges as well as ends of the sod firmly, without stretching. The joints in each line should be staggered like bricks. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is avoid any kinds of overlaps or gaps in the joints. Ensure placing the pieces of the turf in a crisscross pattern on the slopes.

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