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Are You Planning A Late Pregnancy?

Instances of late pregnancy have increased considerably in the last 15 years. The number of women giving birth in the age group of 30 to 39 has gone up and number of women, giving birth above the age of 40 has increased by 50%.

Why This Change?

Earlier, a woman抯 biological clock was known to sound alarm at the age of 30, but now the age has increased to 35 or even 40. This is because; medicine has come up with new methods of beating sterility, making it easier for women above the age of 30 to plan a late pregnancy. Safe methods of contraception and celebrity examples, such as Hollywood actress, Kim Basinger, who gave birth at the age of 40, popularized the concept of late pregnancy.

Reasons For Late Pregnancy

There are umpteen reasons why women plan to have a child late in life. They may want to complete their education, get a successful career, become financially independent, may be into their second marriage, or may even have to deal with sterility.

Risks Involved

Although researches prove, that a woman above the age of 35, who is physically healthy, has not had miscarriages, or sterility has as much chances of delivering a healthy baby as any other 20 year old, late pregnancy cannot be free from risks. Firstly, your ability to conceive after the age of 35 reduces considerably. Secondly, the chances of delivering a child with genetic defects like Down抯 syndrome also increase in case of late pregnancy. Women above the age of 35 also suffer from complications, such as blood pressure, and diabetes, making it even more difficult.

Tests prove that pregnancy in women above the age of 35 is often complicated and prolonged. Complications, such as abruption of placenta and pathological condition of the foetus, and risk of miscarriage increase. Moreover, older women take a longer time to recuperate after pregnancy than younger women. Some women encounter problems in getting connected with the baby. As they had been so long taking care of only themselves, this new change in their lives can be a bit disturbing. Moreover, at an older age, women have to plan their subsequent pregnancies within a short interval of time. Finally, at 40, a woman may also be playing the role of a nurse to her old parents making it difficult for her to pay attention to her baby.

Other problems, such as a huge generating gap between parents and children can also worry many women. Women giving birth at a later age are known to spoil their children as they treat them as special children. Despite, so many complications of late pregnancy, there are a few advantages too!

The Positive Side of Late Pregnancy

Having a baby late in life, when you are rich in experience and knowledge helps you cope up better with the changing environment. Such women are known to have less ambivalent feelings towards the newborn and take better care of the baby. In addition, having a baby after you have achieved whatever you wanted to professionally makes you more prepared for motherhood. You do not see it as something pulling you back or holding you from success. An older woman is less subject to stress and is more open about learning and experimenting new things with their kids than younger mothers are.

Although late pregnancy has its own set of complications, but if planned carefully, it can be a boon in disguise. You need to prepare your body physically for this period. The moment any pregnancy symptom is visible, you must consult a physician and get all the pregnancy tests done immediately. This is especially necessary, as the first few weeks for the foetus are extremely critical. If you are careful about these things you can fully enjoy your late pregnancy.

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