Gardening Vivian | 04 Oct 2010 11:52 am

Attracting Butterflies

Butterfly gardening is simply growing the correct plants and flowers that attract these brilliant, exquisite creatures to your garden. It is important that it be a safe habitat. If you have cats please rethink your plans as it would be shameful to attract the butterflies only to have them killed by the felines.

The first thing to consider is the size and location of the garden. The size will determine how many plants you need to fill the space and the location will determine if they are full sun or partial sun loving plants.

Now that you know the amount and types of plants you need, the easiest way to search for your flowering plants would be to go online and search for ‘butterfly plants’. If online searching is not handy, you can also go to the library and find the information you will need.

When ordering your plants remember to coordinate your flower colors. Butterflies are not particular on colors but you do not want your garden to be an uncorrelated collection of color. Butterflies are attracted to plants that have nectar instead of pollen. Some of their favorite plants are milkweed, lilac, coneflowers, honeysuckle, daylilies and daisies.

You will also want to provide a source of water for your dainty friends. A birdbath on a stand will do perfectly. You can also put out some fruit that has started to soften. Bananas are one of their favorites.

Now that you have spent your time and money getting your butterfly garden going, you will also want to purchase a butterfly house to give them protection when they rest. There are many different types and price ranges available. The size of the house should be determined by the size of your butterfly garden.

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