Babies-Toddler Vivian | 07 Aug 2010 11:26 pm

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers first and foremost should be comfortable both for the parent and the baby equally. So while choosing one should make sure that it helps you carry the baby around effortlessly and is well supported around your hip, the part of the body which is capable of supporting baby weight. There should not be too much strain on your shoulder or spine and you should be able to carry the baby for long hours. Similarly we should make sure that the babies sitting posture is well supported and that the baby does not feel any discomfort at the hip, pelvis or spine, and also use all the other accessories necessary to keep the baby comfortable if you have intentions of carrying it through long hours. Make sure that the carriers are made of best quality material because bad quality material is more likely to effect the baby than the parent.

You might have noticed that your baby often loves to keep physical contacts with you. For example, have you noticed that they sleep in your arms better than they do on their bed, so it goes without saying that they feel more secure when they keep physical contact with you and it is also believed that physical contact strengthens the emotional bondage with the parent and the baby and this carries forward throughout their years and helps them develop into strong individuals. This is where a baby carrier has an important role to play rather than a pram or a crib.

So my advice is to opt in for a baby carrier to a pram to support your baby, and if you are one who prefers to carry your baby around in your arms then think about how long you will be able to do that without putting them down against their wish.

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