Babies-Toddler Vivian | 04 Mar 2011 07:52 am

Baby Changing Bags Are Evolving

Baby changing bags are what parents are commonly calling bags which are both stylish and practical. They are used for transporting all the baby and adult items inside when out and about the town. Baby changing bags have come a long way over the years, and so have adopted the new interest of parents world wide. Also, many men are discovering a need for changing bags as they are finding themselves looking after their babies and taking them out for various activities more frequently.

These fathers do not want to be seen carrying a “baby bag” that has bright color-rich petals or dragonflies adorning the bag, and so changing bags have now come about and they are funky without being overly glamorous. This means that these options can be totally father compatible!

As well, you can buy some fashionable baby changing bags that are made by popular designers such as Alexandra Bee, Samsonite, Wallaboo, Caboodle, OiOi, and Little Lifestyles, to mention only a few. Some of these bags are made from very fine quality leather and others are made from lighter materials such as polyester and cotton. Most bags generally incorporate features like a detachable thermally insulated holder for one bottle or a few bottles, a comfy and easily to wipe changing mat, a clip for your key ring, large compartments for a mobile phone, cash, and nappies. These bags are well designed, and are a great solution for carting all of yours as well as the essential baby items.

Most of these nappy bags use an adjustable messenger shoulder strap for ease in carrying, so that whoever carries the bag can change it to fit their own carrying style and desire. Some of them even convert from a messenger bag to a comfortable backpack, so that if Dad wishes he can even go running with baby yet carry all the baby essentials easily.

Some change bags include a lined detachable dirty item compartment for people who do not use disposable nappies, or that might change the baby in remote places that do not have a trash bin. Since many of these baby changing bags are made from leather, several of them will come with a water repelling liner. Try searching for “changing bags” online to locate precisely what you want in a baby changing bag today- you will be amazed at the selection now available.

Many of these bags come equipped with various sized pockets to accommodate such things as powder dispensers and creams that comprise of much of the baby paraphernalia you need to properly care for baby. Some of these bags even feature zipper closures that go all the way around so that you can open it completely without having to dig through an ordinary bag – it is all there for you to conveniently see and choose.

For the exceedingly shy Dad who would prefer not being seen with a “baby bag” many nappy bags now come in styles that appear to be computer cases. They have more of an executive look about them and generally can be described as classy. There are even those who after they have been used for baby bags, actually do convert to laptop or storage bags quite well.

Some of the smaller baby changing bags that can be used for quick trips to a store for instance have handles that un-clip so that they can easily be hung from strollers or baby carriages. Featuring quick clips, in this way changing bags can be attached to all baby carriages or strollers regardless of the brand name of them. Baby changing bags have certainly come a long way!

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