Babies-Toddler Vivian | 05 Jul 2011 10:13 pm

Baby Monitor – Is it Really What I Need?

As you prepare for a new addition in your life, you are running back and forth trying to get everything right. Look at the choices and items needed to take care of the little one coming home. From diaper bags, to bath tubs, from bottles and pacifiers to bedding and the right colors and furniture, everything has to be perfect. It is easy for a new mother and father to stress out over all of the decisions to make. How can we every get ready? We are into our seventh month already and the room is not painted. One item that will save you and help you relax after your bundle of joy arrives is a baby monitor.

The first few nights or weeks after arriving home you will not sleep. Every move that your infant makes will be noticed by you and you will snap up to see that he or she is still breathing. Eventually you will realize that your child is fine and sleeps much during the day and not much at night. You also will notice the dishes are piling up and look at the clothes. You need some much needed time to yourself to get caught up on the house work and it is also good for the infant. This is where a baby monitor comes in to play.

The baby monitor allows you to be mobile while still keeping an ear and with some monitors an eye on your infant. Most are sensitive enough to pick up their crying as well as grunts, squeals etc. There are many brands to choose from and this can be a difficult task. You need to determine if you want video or just sound. Is there a special distance needed? Will there be interference with your monitor? The most important question to ask is Can I trust the monitor? That is where research has been completed for you.

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