Babies-Toddler Vivian | 02 Dec 2010 05:52 am

Baby Quilts

Baby quilts are made to be unique and different. Each one is different in appearance and come in different patterns, colors and designs. They are thick, warm and comfortable for your baby. Baby quilts also act as decoration for a baby’s room by hanging them over the side of the crib or over the top of a chair for decoration. Baby quilts come in many styles and themes to match the decor in your baby’s room. Some of the many kinds of baby quilts that you can purchase have patterns on them such as ABC’s, farm animals, bears, ducks and other animals, family, naptime and even college teams. It is endless to the types of patterns and designs one can have on a baby quilt. Most baby quilts are made of cotton that feels warm and comfortable up against your baby. They can be easily washed when they get stained or dirty. They come in many sizes for your baby. And can even have your baby’s name and date of birth put on them to make them more personalized.

Baby quilts come in all sizes large and small. They are made in various styles to make each one special and unique for each child’s room. Quilts are thicker then regular baby blankets so they are heavier and can be warmer for your baby. They can be customized and made special for your baby and you can purchase them in many stores. They can be made of very colorful material and have batting in the middle to make them thick and soft. Some sizes of quilts will fit the size of most standard cribs. Baby quilts are hand stitched and often come in soft colors such as blues, pinks, yellows and greens, some of the most popular colors of nursery’s. Some quilts have block patterns with different designs and objects on each block. The edging of a quilt may be made to look different then the rest of the quilt. They can have fancy stitching and can be cut out in different patterns, then pieced together to be unique. They can have funny characters on them to amuse your child. Some of the other themes for your baby quilt are stars, moons, clouds and various bears among many other themes used for baby quilts.

Quilts can be used for your baby anytime of the day and night. They provide warmth and comfort for your baby. They are another type of blanket for your baby that has extra thickness to keep your baby cozy and warm. Quilts can be hand made for each child to keep and cherish years later. Every baby should have their own quilt or special blanket to use. Baby quilts provide enough thickness that they are good to use when letting your child crawl on the floor. Baby quilts can go with your child anywhere. They are great for extra warmth and softness when traveling to different locations. And they can comfort your baby making them feel safe and secure.

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