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Baby Shower FAQs – Know Before You Plan Your Baby Shower

Normally, newly-married couples would be very excited to anticipate their firstborns. As practicing parents, they get direct hands-on over the matter. The coming of a new member of the family calls for a celebration such as a baby shower. This article answers some of the common FAQs of would-be mothers that shall serve to enlighten the bewildered minds of first time parents as well.

A baby shower is a party given to couples who are expecting their first offspring. It is also another way of welcoming the baby to the family. With the advent of technology, the gender of the baby can already be determined with the aid of an ultrasound. Thus, guests can now choose a variety of presents for the baby as well as for the mother and father.

Traditionally, baby shower is presented to firstborns only. However, since every newborn is a special gift to a couple, any proud mother can throw a unique shower party for each baby she will bear in the same manner that anybody can organize a baby shower to an expectant mother. It could be their parents or relatives from either side, an office mate, closest friends or the couple themselves.

Additionally, the invitation can be a big party for everyone. It could also be a private celebration for a selected group of guests. Everybody can enjoy the party including the males. In inviting people, be very sensitive as to the current situation of the guest especially those who have experiences of miscarriages, incomplete abortions including friends who are childless. It is better to ask them beforehand if they can come. Draft a guest list to ensure that no one is left uninvited.

The usual themes can focus on the mother or father’s needs, baby’s safety and nursery-inspired collectibles. Obviously, gifts must be centered upon which theme the couple decides. Generally, everybody just not wish to dedicate a theme for the shower party so that guests will have a variety of gift choices. Besides, themed parties just get complicated and are sometimes hard to manage.

In connection, foods to be served will solely depend upon the theme. However, the time with which the party will take place will directly suggests what foods to serve. If it is during noon or dinnertime, it would imply a heavy meal. If it is held early afternoon or early evening, this would entail a light punch and a couple of finger foods. In food preparation, be sure to include the mother’s preference. She may be sensitive to some menus and beverages.

If there is nothing more that concerns you, then it is time to start holding your baby shower!

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