Wouldn’t be nice if all your friends and family were to RSVP to your baby shower right away because they simply could not wait to play THE GAMES?

Baby shower games – it’s a rite of passage. What’s a shower without silly games? Ok, admit it, while some may grumble and groan (generally silently while they outwardly smile and play nice) there is guaranteed to be much laughter and memories with baby shower games. Below are some suggestions:

One of my favorite games is the baby food tasting. Sit mom in a chair, blindfold her and be prepared for some funny faces. The hostess will spoon mom different kinds of food and she’ll have to guess what flavor it is. Or better yet, blindfold all the guests and have THEM try to guess the flavor. Have them remove their blindfolds (or if on the honor system, open their eyes) so that they can write down their guess – then begin with the next flavor.

Along the same lines is to put a dollop of baby food inside a disposable diaper. Eww, yes it is somewhat gross, that’s what makes it so fun. Everyone must sniff and try to determine what kind of baby food is in the diaper.

Pass a roll of toilet paper around to all the guests. Tell each one to take as many squares as they think will be necessary to fit around mom’s tummy. This also works with string but the toilet paper is funnier because if someone guesses too little, the paper squares break apart. Nothing like making mom feel HUGE.

Unscramble the words. Write baby related words on pieces of paper – rattle, diaper, teething, colic, bath, ointment, bouncy seat, etc. and then scramble up the letters. Give everyone a few minutes to decipher as many as they can.

Have a box or a tray with baby related items – wipes, diaper pin, diaper ointment, ear bulb, teething tablets, booties, washcloth, hair bow, etc. The smaller the items the better. Put the box or tray in front of everyone for two minutes then remove it. Have guests write down as many items as they can remember. Of course mom gets to keep the box when the game is finished.

You should have some little prizes for the winner(s) of each game. Candles, bath and body items, dish towels, or lip balm work nicely. Think of anything small that most women would like.

Don’t dread the games – have fun with them. Make sure to take lots of photos during the festivities.