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Baby Shower Party Favors – How To Add A Touch Of Class

Do not be surprised by the amount you have on your platter when you are organizing a baby shower. Making the list of invitees and sending the invitations out are the greatest trial. People want to think that they have been individually invited and not just put down on the invitation list because they are there. So make some baby shower favors for your guests to take away when they leave the party. If you can personalize these favors nothing like it.

Your guests will feel great when you hand them a baby shower favor that has been personalized with their name. They feel that you took time to think abut them and put in the effort to make a favor that is made especially for them. Many of your guests will make an effort to come to your baby shower, they may have to put off something to come to your celebration and receiving a personalized favor is a thrill their efforts have not gone in vein and that the hostess actually appreciates their effort to make it to the party.

It is not necessary that you may have to go broke creating personalized favors for your guests. You could make some very attractive favors from things easily available in the market. Or you could make your own from scratch. Candles are a good idea when it comes to party favors. You could get a different scented candle for each of your guest who can place on their alter or showcase.

If you know how to make your own candles you have an advantage. You can make personalized candles with the name of your guests embossed or engraved on them. These candles can be decorated with attractive ribbons that also may have a message written with colored pens.

Now suppose you are hosting a very formal affair, you will want to have favors that will give your guests the idea that their efforts are appreciated without a doubt. You may be able to afford a more expensive favor such as a baby spoon, a course that is plates with silver, decorated baby bottles or perhaps photograph frames with silver plating. You could distribute these in gift paper or order personalized gift bags that the gifts are given away in.

Now remember that the favors are the last things that you should be buying for the shower. Do not concentrate on the favors so much that you forget about the other things a shower is made of. The food drinks and the games are equally important. The whole idea of the baby shower is to get together and have a good time and let every one know that a new addition to the family is on the way. It is also a time for every one get together and wish the new comer well and the mom-to-be a safe delivery. It all adds to the mental support to the prospective mother who may be going through a very strained period.

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