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Baby Sleep Routine – 5 Must Know Steps to a Baby Sleep Routine

If your sick of stumbling around your house in the dead of the night trying to answer the call of your baby who apparently doesn’t require sleep, then you need a baby sleep routine. Nobody likes losing sleep and it can have drastic implications on your daily life and that of your family.

So how do we get that little baby to sleep soundly so we can relax?

Creating a baby sleep routine…

A good sleeping routine should consist of the things you need to get done with your baby before bedtime that aren’t very stimulating. We want to get the baby to start feeling sleepy, so no crazy fun games! Here is a good routine that is working well for a lot of parents:

1. Take a nice relaxing bath with the baby (don’t fall asleep yet!)
2. Give your child a feed and burp
3. Now it’s time to work your sleepy powers, read a story or sing a lullaby
4. Once the baby is sleepy, put him where you want him to sleep while still awake
5. Let him fall asleep by himself (now you can go to sleep!)

Important tip: Many new parents unintentionally create bad sleeping habits for their babies. Letting your baby fall asleep in your arms or while rocking is nice, but the baby will eventually start relying on that to get it to sleep.

You know what that means? He won’t be able to get to sleep when he wakes during the night and you’ll have to blindly thump and bump up and down the halls to get him back to sleep. Fortunately sticking to a good baby sleep routine will stop this, so you can catch some winks.

This method might not work for your baby, one solution doesn’t work for everyone. If you want to be sure and find the best baby sleep routine so you can avoid more sleepless nights and start functioning like a human being again click here:

You’ll be able to sleep soundly after that, sweet dreams!

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