Babies-Toddler Vivian | 29 Aug 2010 06:13 am

Baby Sleep: Sleeping After The Holidays

During the holidays everyone in the family experiences disruptions of schedules and sleep. Variation in schedules and boundaries mean children experience more freedom. Everyone should enjoy this! However, after spending time traveling, hosting guests, skipping naps, going to bed late, waking early, sharing beds and eating lots of sugar, parents are anxious to get back to normal routines and schedules. The quickest way to return to healthy sleep habits is to do so as soon as possible. Once you have returned home, your guests have said good-bye and/or social engagements have ended, it is time to return to your regular daily schedule.


If you have been co-sleeping, rocking/nursing to sleep and/or holding your baby while s/he sleeps in order to get through the holidays now is the time to revert back to healthier sleep habits. Reestablish a consistent, calming bedtime routine that is followed in the same order every evening. Put your baby down groggy but awake, so s/he will be able to self soothe him/herself back to sleep. You may have one or two nights of protest, but the quicker you return to your normal routine the faster your baby will remember and settle into it once again. Visit if you need help with this transition.


Many times these children miss naps, stay up later or share beds with cousins while on holiday. As soon as you are able, reestablish your normal routine. Have your child nap at the usual time and return to a consistent, calming nighttime routine. If your child no longer naps you may find it beneficial to put him/her down 15-30 minutes earlier than normal for the first night or two. This will allow your child the opportunity to 揷atch up?on lost sleep. Visit if you need help with this transition.

The key to reestablishing healthy sleep habits after significant disruptions is to do so as soon as possible. It may involve some protests on your child抯 part, but this is very short lived if you are clear and consistent with your expectations. Your child will quickly remember and return to sleeping independently again. For more information visit

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