Babies-Toddler Vivian | 07 Aug 2010 05:13 am

Baby Yeast Infection – How to Naturally Cure Your Baby Yeast Infection

Usually we know very little about baby yeast infections and think that only older men and women can be affected. But it has been seen that yeast infections can occur in anyone, in young men and women, and also among toddlers. Occurring in the moist diaper area, baby yeast infections begin with a rash that is different from a diaper rash. For a diaper rash there are baby creams that help those rashes to go away. But in baby yeast infections, the rash doesn’t go away even after creams are applied.

Other types of baby yeast infections could be in the mouth known as a thrush when white patches form on the gums, tongue and cheeks. It becomes difficult for parents to deal with this form of a infection because it can be very painful and irritating for the baby. An infection can also result from breast feeding if the mother is infected around the breast area. You can always know your child has a yeast infection when the rashes remain even after a couple of days. Usually diaper rashes go away after a day or two.

Bacterial infection can happen to anyone and with a baby yeast infection this results from the warm and moist areas covered by the diaper. Keeping the baby’s environment clean is necessary to ward off infection. An infection can also occur even when antibiotics are administered. It can kill the healthy bacteria which is responsible for warding off the bad bacteria. Fortunately, the infection in your baby can be treated in a natural way instead of drugs known to leave side effects, sometimes with disastrous consequences in infants.

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