Babies-Toddler Vivian | 07 Nov 2010 01:39 am

Baby’s Room

For the first few years, the baby’s room will essentially be a nursery room. As in everything that has something to do with baby. His safety is still and will always be the prime consideration.

Pastel colors are ideal in the baby nursery room. Not only are they soft in the eyes, they also make the nursery room look comforting and restful. Babies, however, are attracted to bright colors, so these can be reserved for the baby’s room rugs, toys, and other decoration.When choosing paint, though, make sure it is lead-free. Wallpaper is a good alternative as paint may seem plain and boring to some people.

Lighting in baby’s room should be diffused and indirect to prevent harmful glare into the baby’s eyes. Room curtains and blinds control the light from outside as well as prevent droughts from coming in. To ensure comfort, make sure the baby’s room is always well ventilated.

The baby’s room nursery should be big enough to accommodate the crib, cabinets, cupboards and shelves, table, and the nursing or rocking chair. Bear in mind that the baby will grow someday and you will need to replace the crib with a bed, so there should be enough room for this change right from the start. The cabinets also have a long life ahead of them, so make sure they are big enough to hold all of baby’s clothes now and later. The cupboards and shelves can hold the books, toys, and other small essentials. The table can help you with some bits and pieces while you’re nursing the baby. An important reminder is to keep the floor clean and free from clutter, since from his crawler days up to his teenage life, much of his life is spent on the floor.

No matter how you plan your baby’s room, the thing is to decorate it by choosing pieces that will grow with your baby. Long-range planning is always the way to go saves you time and saves you the money.

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