Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 08 Sep 2010 02:52 am

Balloon Craft For Kids

Balloon is all time favorite toys for babies. This is called the heartbeat of every party.

Balloon Fish

Balloon fish is easy to make as well as children will enjoy making it. For making this balloon fish you need a small round shaped balloon, a long balloon, black marker and a bit of another big balloon.

To make the balloon fish, blow the big balloon but it should not blow fully. Now, twist it and fold it easily at will. Tie it at the end. Take a round balloon and inflate it until it reaches to oval shape. Tie the longer balloon round the shorter balloon in such a way that both ends of the round balloon project a little at the end. On the front of the fish, make a small loop from the longer balloon; this would resembles the shape of lip of fish. Again, twist and make another lip of fish.

Twist it at an equal distance from the either end to form the bubble and make sure the round balloon cannot turn around. Now, try to twist both the end bubbles together to make the tail of the fish. When the balloons are tied together, tie one end of the piece of long balloon and inflate one end of it and twist a little before half point to form the bubble. Insert the flat end inside the long balloon behind the lips and inflate the other half of the bit and tie the end. Rotate it to hide the end knots downwards and you have the eyes for your fish. Now, use the marker to draw eyes and fins on your fish in desirable manner.

Balloon People

To make a person with balloon is not a difficult thing also, it doesn’t take much time. Even children can make this easily. To make a balloon people, you need a balloon, paper, marker, tape, coin and sticks.

Take a paper and draw the feet with it. Now, blow the balloon and use the marker and sticks to make the face. Tie the balloon. Color and decorate the feet and make a hole in the center. Put the tied end of balloon end between the holes. Try to make standing position but there is any problem in standing, you can use coin down the both feet as it will support the balloon and make it stand.

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