Holidays Vivian | 01 Aug 2010 06:52 pm

Barbie Halloween Costumes For Your Princess to Wear

What young girl does not pretend to be the princess? Dressing up is what girls do best and when Halloween time rolls around playing the part of Barbie is a very popular wish among the young girls. Barbie Halloween costumes have been a favorite among many young girls for decades. Since the introduction of Barbie over 50 years ago, girls have fashioned their dreams around this enchanting, elegant and timeless doll. Although Barbie’s first appearance was as a shapely blonde haired girl, the years have seen changes and additions to her outward characteristics. At times, she has been portrayed as a number of television characters.

Therefore, for the young girl looking to go as Barbie this Halloween, there are a multitude of versions of this ever popular doll. Barbie Thumbelina is just one of many. This adorable little fairy with her pink dress, wings and hair ribbon will exude excitement as she flutters around enjoying her own little world. In addition, one of the new Barbie Halloween costumes for this year is the Mermaid Barbie dress. Donning this multicolored form fitting mermaid dress will transform your little one to the mermaid who lives in the sea. It comes with a matching head piece creating the most beautiful mermaid in the land.

There are also the Barbie cheerleaders, Genie Barbie and Barbie Mariposa, just to name a few other versions. However, if your little princess wishes to stay with the more traditional version of Barbie Halloween costumes there are those regal renditions that are also available. These are usually the expected pink gowns that are both glorious, majestic and dignified looking. Additionally, to complete the package she can wear her tiara, shoes and her wand.

Whatever version your little girl desires, remember to complete the look with matching gloves, slippers, tiara and jewelry. No matter her dream or expectation, Barbie Halloween costumes can meet her wants and desires. Because there are many wonderful costumes fashioned around this everlasting pervasive character, each child that wears her Barbie costume will have the precious prize of her dreams. Moreover, this costume can become one of her favorite dress-up outfits for those rainy days during the rest of the year when she is looking for something special to wear.

Additionally, your princess can continue having fun with Barbie all year long by going online. There are websites she can find by doing a Google or Yahoo search using the word Barbie for the search term. She will be able to engage in various Barbie games and activities, watch videos, play with a toy factory as well as being able to shop with Barbie, see the Barbie catalog, join the Barbie fan club, create online characters, design her own room, chat with her friends and more.

So have a great time with your princess celebrating Barbies 50th anniversary with her favorite Barbie Halloween costume and then encourage her to continue having fun all year long being engaged in the many fun games and activities that are available for Barbie both online and in the real world.

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