Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 30 Jan 2010 11:26 am

Beginner Crochet – How To Get Started

There are plenty of reasons to take up crochet, but for someone just starting out, figuring out how to get going can be a challenge. Possibly you’ve noticed some of the great fashions that are available in crochet – everything from cool hats, to dresses and even bikinis. I have a habit of seeing something I love, but deciding I would prefer it in purple, instead of white. Or the dress I see that would look better a few inches longer. (As for the bikini – I’ll try that out as soon as I learn to crochet myself a new body).

For all the good reasons to give crochet a go, there are challenges to starting out. Crochet’s best learned from a patient grandmother, preferably with a plate of shortbread cookies nearby. If you’re trying to teach yourself, it can get frustrating.

The Internet offers a few great places for the beginner crochet aficionado to start. I find I learn crafty things more easily if I can see it done. To learn some of the basics of crochet, I went to Youtube to see if there were any videos that could help me out. A quick search on “How to Crochet” at Youtube produced 507 search results. And the best part of this is…most of these are great, short videos designed for those who are starting out. There are videos on how to crochet a flower, how to crochet a scarf, how to crochet a hat. If you’re really just starting out, you can find videos on how to hold your yarn, and how to crochet basic stitches, such as a chain stitch or a slip knot.

Once you’ve gotten your feet under you, and you’re comfortable with some basic stitches and patterns, you can move on to more advanced patterns. The most important thing is not to let yourself get too frustrated. Start off slow, and you’ll find that crocheting becomes a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. And if you do tackle the crochet bikini, hey – more power to you.

Author Laynee Jenkins: I’ve assembled a collection of vintage crochet patterns – 317 different patterns that are over 100 years old. If you’re interested in vintage crochet, you can find the collection here:

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