Teaching infants sign language gives them many early developmental advantages. Infants who learn sign have shown increase levels in language development, reading, social skills, and an overall higher IQ. Not to mention they tend to be happier babies. I have put together a list of some of the benefits people experience from teaching infants sign language:

  • While teaching infants sign the parent and child are bonding. It is a very positive and fun experience for everyone involved.?Many people find it very rewarding.?/li>
  • Learning sign helps to develop the brain in critical early years of language development.
  • A baby can communicate through sign before they can speak. The muscles in their hands and arms develop before the muscles in their mouths so babies can sign as early as 7 months, where they can not speak until around 12 months.
  • Teaching infants sign language can cut down on frustration for both the parent and child. The guess work is taken out when the child can communicate his or her needs through sign. Less frustration means a happier baby, and a happier parent. It also makes for less temper tantrums.
  • Although some people think that teaching infants sign language may delay actual speech, it really does the opposite. Children who learn sign tend to speak earlier and have larger vocabularies then children who do not learn sign.
  • Research has shown that children who are taught sign as an infant have higher IQs then children who were not.
  • Being able to communicate through sign promotes self-esteem in infants and children.?It is rewarding to be able to communicate effectively.?/li>
  • Sign increases social interactions and social skills needed in life.?/li>
  • Sign reduces the noise level in the home or classroom.
  • Teaching infants sign language can help you communicate at any place or time. You may sign “sit down” or “quiet” at church, where telling a person to do these things may be distracting to others. You can also sign in areas that are very noisy.

As you can probably tell, there are many more benefits a child can get from learning sign. These are just a few of the reasons why a parent or care giver should teach infants sign language.