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Biodegradable Diapers – Why Should Your Baby Be Wearing a Biodegradable Diaper?

Are you a new or an expecting mother or father? You have probably already started thinking about diapers, toys, cribs, and other baby things if you are planning on having a baby soon. This means that you need to make a few decisions and one of those decisions is what type of diapers to choose. Here is a break down of your main choices, which include biodegradable diapers, cloth diapers, and traditional disposable diapers.

First, we will discuss the traditional disposable diaper. This diaper is made mainly from plastic and takes up to 5 years to decompose. It also releases harmful toxins into the earth when it decomposes. Plus it can cause diaper rash on your baby much easier than a cloth diaper can. However, they are very convenient and easy to find at the stores. They are also affordable in the diaper world.

Second, let’s deal with the cloth diapers. These might be your most affordable option since you never actually dispose of them, but they are no fun to clean up. You will be responsible for dealing with all of your baby’s waste and if you are new to this you are in for a big surprise. These diapers are messy and the clean up is terrible. They are, however, much more comfortable than a traditional disposable diaper for your baby.

Last, the new and very popular biodegradable diapers. Biodegradable diapers are like the hybrid of diapers. They are made of a cloth shell that is easily machine washable, but also come with a biodegradable liner that can actually be flushed down your toilet. You can also bury these liners in your garden for great fertilizer because they are good for the environment and will decompose in less than 90 days. They also do not emit any toxins as they decompose unlike the disposable type of diapers.

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