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Birthday Party Games for Kids

Birthday partis are the most fun and is also the most challenging for kids between 6 to 10 years old. When organizing a birthday party game for 6 to 10 year old kids, it is important to remember that at that age they are full of energy (some parents said they are ‘nuclear-powered’!) and require something entertaining and well as something that will stimulate their minds.

A great way to supply fun and entertainment is to organize a treasure hunt in your garden or the backyard. A treasure hunt can be organized in many different ways. One way is to simply hide candy in the garden and the kids have to find it. The kid with the most candy at the end of the hunt wins a prize.

And, depending on how many kids are invited to the birthday party, decide whether the kids play singularly or as a team. For example, if you have twenty kids present at the party, then you could choose to have four teams, each containing five kids. If you decide upon having four teams, for example, then ensure that you have four matching treasures, so that each team can find a treasure to every question. The team that wins receives the overall prize.

So, to organize the birthday party game of treasure hunt, you firstly need to select some simple questions and answers, for example “who is red, fast and lost his way to Radiator Spring?” and of course the answer would be ‘Lighting McQueen’. The kid will then have to find an item that has a picture of Lighting McQueen on it, whether it is a plastic cup, a sticker, a cap, etc.

Another example would be “if you use a pencil and it is getting blunt, what do you use to make it sharp again?” and of course, the answer would be ‘an pencil sharpener’.

Whatever questions you decide to include on the question sheets, be sure that the treasure is safe for kids. Remember that they will be running around, so anything sharp or pointed could be potentially dangerous.

Do not go over the top with the amount of questions. Kids will get bored easily, so eight or ten questions will suffice.

At the start of the game, if having four teams, place 4 boxes on a table at one end of the garden. Let the teams select their own team names and write their team names on a box. Give each team their question sheets. They must solve the question while standing in front of their boxes, then off they go to find the treasure. When the team have successfully found the treasure, the entire team must return to the box with the treasure object and solve the next clue and so on and so forth.

The team that completes the birthday party game of treasure hunt in the shortest time wins the grand prize. The grand prize can be anything of your choice. But remember that if having teams, you will need to ensure that each member of the winning team receives a prize. Nothing to expensive is necessary. The kids will not look upon the gift as much as the fact that their team won the treasure hunt.

Remember that you also provide prizes to the teams that did not win. This is to make sure that every kid gets a prize at the end and they can be taught the concept of friendship over competition.

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