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Birthday Party Games that can be Played with Little or No Equipment

In a birthday party, games is almost a must-have item and it is always welcomed by all the kids. However, most parents think that games require considerable equipment. That it not true. It is possible to play party games that requires little or no equipment. All you need is just some creativity. Here are some ideas for you.

Freeze Tag Freeze tag can be played without any equipment. First the group decides who is It. Usually by shouting, “1, 2, 3 not it!” and the last to say, “Not it” is it or someone in the group says, “One, two, three! Old fashioned way!” and the first person to speak is it. This tends to get the “new kid” to ask, “What?” so he is it.

The person chosen as it chases the other children and freezes them by touching anywhere on their body. Once frozen you cannot move unless a person who isn’t it crawls under your legs without being caught by the person who is It and being frozen themselves.

Hide and seek is a fun game if you have enough space. This one can be tricky to keep an eye on all of the kids though if the space is too large. Younger groups like playing this game.

I Spy I Spy can keep kids busy for hours. This game starts with one person saying, “I spy something that is…” and gives a color or a shape. The group then guesses in turn what the item may be. Once a person gets the answer correct it is their turn to spy something.

Pass it on is another game that kids love. Everyone sits in a circle for this game. The first person whispers a secret into the ear of the person next to them and it is passed to the next person. The secret cannot be repeated, you only get once to hear what the person is telling you. When you get to the end the person who was on your other side tells you what you said. The end results are usually quite comical.

Bubble Blowing Contest A bubble blowing contest (with bubble gum) is an unexpected favorite at our house. Everyone is given a couple pieces of bubble gun (the second is a spare in case the kids get too forceful with a blow). It takes a few minutes for the gum to get soft and pliable enough. Once everyone is ready the group takes turns blowing bubbles and a judge decides who wins by blowing the largest bubble.

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