Pregnancy Vivian | 10 Jun 2011 02:00 pm

Breastfeeding in Comfort and in Style

Breastfeeding for new mothers may seem awkward or difficult but this does not need to be so. Proper positioning of the baby and feeding them on demand would be easy to learn and in time one will naturally grow of it. But choosing the right undergarments or clothes may be trickier than breastfeeding because you have to choose the right fit and your preferred style.

Breastfeeding in the past, especially in public places may have to contend with gowns or shawls which up to this day still exist but now, there are a lot of designs, fabric and sizes to choose from. Nursing products like nursing bras, nursing pads and the more stylish nursing tank tops are available to give you comfort in breastfeeding your baby either in the home or in public places. For more modest women, a privacy nursing drape is available more like a shawl in the past to give you the covering you desire for your body chest part.

Clothes that have horizontal overlayers provide enough cloth to cover the skin while nursing. There are also nursing clothes with vertical openings that can be pushed aside. These are less discreet especially as they come in fitted styles. There are breastfeeding camisoles that have drop down cups or those that can be pushed aside. This is convenient because you can easily breastfeed even as you put on your regular clothes over it.

Nursing bras are the most essential things in breastfeeding because they are responsible to give you the comfort and convenience you wish to have in breastfeeding. Have at least three of them so you do not need to do frequent laundry. The bra band size during your last trimester is usually the accurate one. Some nursing bras have stretchy chest bands or they are adjustable so you can easily fit them when you expand. They also come in hook or snap designs that enable you to adjust the cup for breastfeeding. A hook is easier to manage in most cases but whichever type it is, make sure that one arm can reach the hook or snap and undo it while the other hand hold the baby. Bras are also in underwire, strapless, soft cup for sleeping and some are for pumping. Underwires are not that advisable because they tend to press the ducts that produce milk and so hamper milk production.

In all instances that you should choose clothes for nursing, the criteria are your style, preference and convenience. The best style and design is the one that should work best for you.

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