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Building a Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are a wonderful source of entertainment. There are so many different birds you can attract by offering them some food, especially in the winter months when the food is hard to come by. Birds love to be fed all year but really depend on the feeders during the cold snowy season.

During migration season, you can see birds that are rarely seen, but will stop by each year for some food from your feeder. There are even organizations you can join whose members count the birds seen in their areas at different times of the year to help keep track of what species are living in what areas.

Different feeders attract different birds so if you wish to bring birds to your yard, you need to learn a little about the different birds, feeders and foods. Learn which feeders work best for the species you want to attract.

Feeders are widely available in many stores and online in many different styles. Some hold very tiny seed while some are designed for larger seeds. Hummingbird feeders hold a syrupy nectar.

Prices vary greatly depending on the style and quality. When purchasing a bird feeder, look for quality in the manufacturing and strong hangers. Metal reinforcing around the feeder holes will help prevent pesky squirrels from chewing through and ruining your feeder.

If you are just starting out feeding birds, you may want to start with a large tray feeder. Choose one that will allow many birds to eat at once and hold plenty of food.

The last two years we have had a beautiful Baltimore Oriole hanging out in our large maple tree. Orioles tend to stay in the tops of trees are you don’t see a lot of them. But their beautiful song is unmistakable. It’s such a treat to have an oriole sing to you in the morning.

Some animals such as squirrels, cats and dogs can be a problem around your feeders chasing off the birds. There are many solutions to the problems you can have with these pests.

The placement of bird houses will also increase the variety of birds you find. You can even find a combination of a bird house and feeder.

You will be amazed at the variety and beauty of the birds that will come once you extend the invitation. Just invite a few over for dinner and sit back and enjoy.

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